Toppers 'Top Cutie'

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Small dark pink and purple glitter on ultra-fine dark pink glitter dust.

You’ll get a gorgeous up-beat feel wearing Top Cutie.

This purple-pink glittering Toppers® Universal Top Coat will give you cuticles to be proud of!

Wear it any way you like to create to look and feel for you.

This is a party choice for the purple-pink Toppers®.

Explore the Manicure Gallery below to see examples of Top Cutie as prepared by our Pro Nail Tech on real customers! Whatever the best brand of gel nail polish is for you, add Top Cutie for a stunning top coat finish!

Toppers® gel polish is cured with an LED or UV lamp, and instructions are provided below.

Toppers® products are cruelty-free and are registered with the Vegan Society.