NTN Rose gold cordless 30,000 RPM efile

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The Queen of efiles! The NTN proudly presents its very own cordless efile in our signature rose gold!

This efile is intended for professional use only.

  • 110-120V
  • Torque is 6.2nm
  • 30,000RPM
  • with a fully fitted and fused UK 3 pin plug
  • Forward and reverse settings
  • Charge time 2hrs run time of 8-10hrs
  • Cordless 
  • Lightweight 
  • Compatible with all 3/32" efile bits
  • Has a 6 month warranty

This efile is crafted to our specifications, with a superior motherboard and battery life in comparison to any cheaper models. We have active input to the design process of our branded products and are proud to share them with you. 

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