NSI Spa Odourless Monomer

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NSI Spa Nail Liquid is a superior odourless sculpting monomer that delivers beautiful long lasting enhancements without the scent of traditional EMA liquids.

Create a more pleasant salon and spa environment with the Spa Odourless Nail Liquid. This Odour-free, cross-linking monomer creates the tough, yet thin nail enhancements you are looking to create without the odour. Creating nail enhancements with an Odourless Nail Liquid is often part of being a board certified nail technician. For the best results, use with Attraction Nail Powders. It is the perfect enhancement addition for spas, salons and schools.


  • Non-yellowing formula uses a UV Shield to block out UV exposure to retain colour clarity and keep enhancements looking new
  • Spa Liquid has a higher molecular weight, which makes it heavier and thicker.
  • Never crystallizes, therefore reducing time even in the most frigid regions
  • Using Spa Liquid requires a drier mix ratio than traditional monomers.
  • Does not contain MMA, which has been restricted for use in the nail industry.