NSI Balance LED/UV Gel Sample Kit

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Balance LED/UV Sample Kit

The Balance LED/UV Gel Sampler Kit contains everything you need to try the Balance LED/UV Gel System. Balance Balance LED/UV Gel is user-friendly and offers the nail technician the option to do natural nail overlays, tip and overlays, sculpting on a form and indestructible pedicures.
-Maximum product control and incredible workability.
-The thicker viscosity is perfect for warmer environments.
-Holds shape, but still self levels.
-Can be used for any length natural nails or tip and overlays.
-Can also be used in thin layers to sculpt on a form.
-Cures under UV and LED light

Kit Contents:
-Balance LED/UV Cover Pink Warm Gel – 9.5 g (.33 Oz.)
-Balance Bond (Acid-Free) Primer – 7 mL (.23 Oz.)
-Cleanse – 59 mL (2 Fl. Oz.)