LOVASKIN Professional foot file

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Discover the LOVASKIN professional foot file entirely designed for effortless and quick results.

Thanks to its ergonomic handle and its stainless steel coating you can access to all the different areas of your feet without having a bad back.


1. ERGONOMIC: Created to sit nicely in your hands. Formatted to facilitate the access to the different treat areas of your feet.

2. EFFICIENT:  Its stainless steel coating will exfoliate your dead skin without effort.

3. DOUBLE SIDED: This foot file offers you 2 sides. One with a corrugated surface to treat the areas which have thick callus and one with a smooth surface for all other parts of your feet and allows a neat finish.

4. HYGIENIC: The stainless steel coating of the foot file can be washed with disinfectant products and can be washed with water for perfect hygiene.

5. RESISTANT: Its coating ensures it will not oxidise despite intensive use and wash.