Eyelash Queen Classic Flat Lashes L+ Curl

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Flat lashes are our most dramatic eyelash extensions. Instead of a round shape, the lash is flattened to appear wider – yet weigh the same as your traditional extensions.

0.15 lashes appear as thick as a 0.20 but still weigh 0.15.

If your client wants to be extra, but their natural lash cannot take the weight of a thicker extension then you need to flatten those lashes up baby!

Flat lashes are available in single and mixed length trays!

-High drama
-Natural matte sheen – no shiny appearances here!
-True black colour (no blue hue)
-L+ curl
-Available in 0.15 diameter
-Available in 8mm-13mm length mixed trays

All of our lashes are packaged in trays with length indicator strips on each row for speed and efficiency. The trays all have 16 rows and over 4000 lashes per tray.

All Eyelash Queen lashes are supplied in hard case plastic trays with a sticker indicating the lash type so you are able to organise and store efficiently.