En Vogue Evolution Nail Lamp

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EVOLUTION has two technologies infused into one light unit.  It combines two LED chips, one that cures at 360-390nm for UV gels and one that cures at 390-420nm for LED gels.

All en Vogue products have been perfectly matched for optimal curing with this new technology.  


·         Rapid and efficient UV & LED curing

·         No bulbs needed

·         Auto-sensor 3 preset timer options: 10, 30, 60 seconds 

·         An additional 90 second low heat mode setting for building gels

·         Touch sensor activation

·         Spacious, comfortable interior for full hand

·         Magnetic chemical resistant tray for easy removal and sanitization

·         One year warranty

The en Vogue EVOLUTION light unit provides a superior cure with the convenience of curing all gels with one lamp.


Kindly note that the lamps have European plugs as they have just been released, therefore an adaptor plug is required for the unit.