Miss Nella Peel Off Nail Polish

Miss NELLA is an odourless nail polish aimed at little princesses in a bid to emulate mummy. The odourless nail polish makes it perfect for those who are of a young age and those who prefer a non-toxic alternative. The toxic trio of Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toluene and Formaldehyde dominate many children's nail polishes currently on the market. Such chemicals are banned in Europe due to their links with cancer, birth defects and other illnesses. So you will not find a trace of these harmful substances in Miss NELLA.

Its revolutionary formula peels off nails, making harsh nail polish remover a thing of the past. Our peel off nail polish has a water-based formula, unlike most nail polishes, which makes it temporary and ideal for children. Miss NELLA kids' nail polish will delight imagination with 23 playful jolly colours! Miss NELLA started with the primary colours: red, blue and yellow, and aims to build on our nail polish collection! Our nail polishes include glittery and non-glittery colours including pink, yellow, red, orange, purple etc.

Miss NELLA is working with many retailers and department stores across countries in Europe (Such as Russia, Germany, Italy, UK and much more), Asia (China, Korea and Japan) and North America.